Mallorca with kids

Traveling with kids could be a lot of fun. However, most parents tend to worry too much, if the destination offers enough entertainment for the children as well.

My last post about Mallorca best places to visit helps you to organize your stay there. Now it’s time to think about best places to visit with kids.

Here’s my survival kit when traveling with kids:

  • (sand) spoon and plastic container;
  • mini travel puzzle;
  • drawing set

My recommendation is to rent a house or apartment and a car when traveling with kids. You can check my article Mallorca travelling tips and tricks.

The best choice is a place with a garden or at least with a big veranda. The children will love to play there and you will have peace of mind without worrying where they are all the time. If you prefer lonely beaches, you can easily prepare sandwiches and light beverage in advance.

Make your daily plan suitable to adults and kids. You can start the day with a sight-seeing. Do not worry whether your kid will enjoy the ride – there are a lot of orange, lemon and olive trees along the road. It will be fun to count them for example (full disclosure – I teach math). We were extra lucky to see a lot of wild goats on the way to Fornalutx.
After the sight-seeing, it’s time for a lunch or coffee break at one of the many beaches. Your kids will enjoy playing with sand and you can read a book or magazine or have a drink.

Final tip: the travel puzzles are useful when you stop in a mountains village and go to a cafe or a restaurant.

Mallorca attractions for kids

Our favorite attraction is the Safari Zoo. Visitors are allowed to enter it with own car. There is a road through it but animals are crossing it often to visit their neighbours. Do not stop in the middle of “monkey” alley. We did it and more than ten curious monkeys jumped on the car.

I was afraid that I could not continue the trip without hurting one of them. They were playing on the roof, knocking on the windows. It was weird but fun! My son was asking ‘Could they open the door?’ There is a small “conventional” zoo at the end of the road. There is a small cafe and a colorful children playground. The Safari zoo is open all year long.

My second recommendation is for the Mallorca Aquarium, especially if your kid loves sharks and octopus. Do not forget to check the opening hours in advance. Unfortunately, I did not visit the rest of water attractions. They are closed in the low season.

Your kids will enjoy the open-air marketplaces such as the one in Soller. You can find freshly made croissants and a variety of fruits. There are children attractions as well. Ask your host about the nearest traveling fair. Go there with a lot of coins. Every attraction is payed for separately and there is no entrance ticket.

My last advise is to print my posts about Mallorca, go there and have fun. Do not forget to post a comment for me, once you are happily back!